Professional career: how to stay in the sports world when you are no longer competing.

An athlete’s professional career may be full of obstacles, but it is undoubtedly a rewarding, challenging and exciting path. However, a person’s competitive life is short, due to physical aging and sport-related injuries.   That is why it is essential for an athlete to know what sporting possibilities he/she will have once his/her professional career […]

Life after sports: Natascha Niemczyk

After retiring professionally from the sport, many players have experienced a sense of instability as if they have lost their identity when they stop playing. However, there are different ways to reconvert and find other reasons to continue their professional career, without having to leave the sport altogether. This is the case of Natascha Niemczyk, […]

An alternative to the crisis in sports retailing

During the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce was at an all-time high – what could you spend your money on if you couldn’t leave your home, well, shop online! However, not everything turned out to be so easy: many companies are facing serious problems in making their products, especially companies that use the […]

What are the 6 health benefits of basketball?

Basketball is not only one of the most recognized sports in the world, but also one of the most loved by athletes. It is a fun discipline that adapts to all skill levels and ages in which the whole body must be used, constantly changing pace, using jumps and constant sprints to attack and defend. […]

GEFF Sport: a business opportunity in the sports sector

At GEFF, we are in the midst of an expansion phase: over the last year, we have had an annual growth of more than 30%. Despite the pandemic, we continue to grow at a good pace in the different countries in which we operate. Our sports equipment proposal is in line with the needs of […]

GEFF joins the United Nations Global Compact as a strategic partner

In order to take a further step forward and strengthen our commitment to sustainability, we have joined the United Nations Global Compact as a partner. In this way, the company will work to continue aligning its projects with the Ten Principles proposed by the entity, dedicated exclusively to the areas of human rights, labor standards, […]

PFBroni 93 basketball club joins the GEFF family

We are proud to announce that the Italian women’s basketball club PFBroni 93, a Serie A1 participant, has become a member of the GEFF family. The Broni Women’s Basketball Association of 1993, coming from the province of Pavia, started its first years wearing the white and red colors. Later, due to a change of sponsor, the […]

World Food Day: What foods to choose before a match

Celebrating World Food Day, we will explain which foods to choose before a match, how to combine them and when to take them to ensure a good performance. It is essential to avoid muscle injuries as much as possible and that is why we must eat well before a match as well as on a […]

New partnership between Poacher and GEFF Sport

Poacher, a venture dedicated to connecting amateur players to create new teams, has reached a collaboration agreement with the spanish sports equipment company GEFF as strategic partners. In this way, clubs and their participants will be able to access the best service and the most advanced technology on the market, combined with premium quality sports […]

New Packaging: we will eliminate more than 100,000 plastic bags per year

In GEFF in 2021, we will eliminate more than 100,000 plastic bags per year following the implementation of the new environmental project, in which we replace this packaging waste with paper. The company wants to progressively reduce, in collaboration with our suppliers, all plastic bags used to distribute products to the clubs.  The distribution of […]