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Professional career: how to stay in the sports world when you are no longer competing.

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An athlete’s professional career may be full of obstacles, but it is undoubtedly a rewarding, challenging and exciting path. However, a person’s competitive life is short, due to physical aging and sport-related injuries.


That is why it is essential for an athlete to know what sporting possibilities he/she will have once his/her professional career is over and in what position he/she could develop. There is an immense range of possibilities: sports manager, sports journalist, sports psychologist, coach, physiotherapist, among many others.



But there is one activity that not only keeps an athlete in the activity, but also offers benefits in terms of background: sports sales representative. Why is it a successful career? Well, because a person who has practiced a sport for so many years has in his or her legacy an exclusive portfolio of friends or colleagues who could become clients. But, is it necessary to have previous knowledge to practice the profession? No, not at all. 


In fact, GEFF is a company in which it is not necessary to have previous training in the sector to start working, since we have a training program for those who wish to participate in the project that includes notions of the market, marketing and sales, design and textile production. We currently have more than 20 official representatives throughout Europe, most of whom are former athletes or coaches.


Are you finishing your sports career and want to continue in the world of sports? It’s your time to join the GEFF team! Our company is looking for sportsmen and women who keep their sporting spirit and enter the textile world. We can affirm that your career is not over: it has just begun. Get to know us! 

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