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Snowden Texmark: the new commercial partner in Germany

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One of GEFF’s main objectives for the 2023-2024 season and for the coming years is to expand the distribution network throughout Europe, especially in Germany, a strategic point where we want to include more local distributors. The company is seeking to strengthen its position in the different areas where it has already positioned itself as a brand for many teams.

New commercial partner

That is why we are happy to inform that GEFF has added to the team a new distributor that will promote the expansion of the brand in Germany: Snowden Texmark. This is a Hamburg-based company made up of motivated, experienced people who love and live the world of sports as much as we do. Thanks to the excellent service they provide, we will have in the team a reliable and flexible ally, with an impeccable quality of service and great professionalism.

Jose Antonio Suarez, head of commercial sales at GEFF, says: “We are committed to offering the best sports equipment to our customers and we are excited to work with our new partner in Hamburg to bring our quality products to more clubs in Germany. We are excited to have another distributor with the same vision and passion for sports. We are confident that this partnership will be a winning one.”

Likewise, the ex professional rugby player and owner of Snowden Texmark, Timo Linck, who has been running the company since 2014, adds: “Fully bespoke quality products, flexible productions with quick turnaround times are key in our sports teamwear market. With GEFF we have the right brand in place to provide very individual packages to businesses, associations and clubs of all sorts. Moreover with the production inside the EU, we meet our objective to develop sustainable products and run sustainable productions. We are very delighted to have GEFF as our new brand exclusively on board.”

The creation of designs for hundreds of GEFF products for clubs with both men’s and women’s teams, from kids to professional leagues, will be available to new European clubs. The company’s mission is to expand around the world and reach countries all over the world with quality products, manufactured in a company made by and for sportsmen and women.

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