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Tips for an original design and to make your club a reference point

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Wearing a unique and original kit, on and off the court, can make the difference between going unnoticed and standing out.

Tips for an original design and to make your club a reference point

The design of sports kits has become an identity, where colours, shapes and details can represent the club and capture the attention of spectators. Here are some tips on how to create the most original kits on the market and stand out in the world of sport.

  • Forget conventional ideas: The first step to creating an original kit is to move away from conventional designs and think outside the box. Look for inspiration from artistic styles, cultures, nature or other elements that represent the essence of your club. Creativity and innovation are key to creating a unique kit that stands out from the crowd.
  • Play with colours: Colours are an important part of sportswear design. Break away from traditional colours and explore unique and eye-catching combinations. Dare to mix contrasting colours or use bright and vibrant tones to catch the eye. It’s time to ditch the traditional and start playing and innovating with alternative formats to the ones you always use. For example, if the club colour is blue, go for yellow or pink accents to emphasise the colour.
  • Creative details: Details are a great way to add originality to a kit. Consider incorporating graphic elements such as diagonal lines, geometric shapes or various textures. Thanks to the power of sublimation, you can include details and elements that can add to your identity. You can add images of cities, landscapes and animals, for example, as well as phrases, conceptual images and anything else you create that represents your club’s identity.
  • Complete customisation: the work of the designers is fundamental to every kit. They have the knowledge and experience to take your ideas to another level and realise your vision in a unique and aesthetically pleasing way. At GEFF, we can help you select the right materials to ensure that quality and comfort are present in every garment.

Creating the most original kits on the market requires creativity, boldness and the desire to stand out. It’s your time to think outside the box, play with colours and come up with creative details. In this way, your club will be on its way to being recognised not only for its talent in sport, but also for its unique style. Join the GEFF team!

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