PFBroni 93 basketball club joins the GEFF family

We are proud to announce that the Italian women’s basketball club PFBroni 93, a Serie A1 participant, has become a member of the GEFF family. The Broni Women’s Basketball Association of 1993, coming from the province of Pavia, started its first years wearing the white and red colors. Later, due to a change of sponsor, the […]

World Food Day: What foods to choose before a match

Celebrating World Food Day, we will explain which foods to choose before a match, how to combine them and when to take them to ensure a good performance. It is essential to avoid muscle injuries as much as possible and that is why we must eat well before a match as well as on a […]

New partnership between Poacher and GEFF Sport

Poacher, a venture dedicated to connecting amateur players to create new teams, has reached a collaboration agreement with the spanish sports equipment company GEFF as strategic partners. In this way, clubs and their participants will be able to access the best service and the most advanced technology on the market, combined with premium quality sports […]

New Packaging: we will eliminate more than 100,000 plastic bags per year

In GEFF in 2021, we will eliminate more than 100,000 plastic bags per year following the implementation of the new environmental project, in which we replace this packaging waste with paper. The company wants to progressively reduce, in collaboration with our suppliers, all plastic bags used to distribute products to the clubs.  The distribution of […]

How to organize a dynamic Sports Camp?

Let us outline some key steps that can determine the success of your camp. 1- Determine your objective: What do you want to achieve with your camp? Is it focused on technical performance? Are you looking to increase awareness of the club and its brand? Is it to build club revenue?  It may be all […]

We are revamping our identity, without losing our essence: speed.

In the 10 years of our history, we have grown to now be the largest custom color printing company in Europe. We have manufactured 1,912,969 garments from more than 250 products. Our color printing design has allowed us to bring 59,399 different designs worn by more than 250,000 athletes to the courts. Today, we launch […]

[INTERVIEW] Macarena Rosset – Sport sector in terms of equality

Macarena Rosset, born 23 February 1991, is an Argentine basketball player for Vigarano and the Argentina women’s national basketball team. She defended Argentina at the 2018 FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup. What does your sport mean to you? This sport for me has been everything since I was a little girl. Of course at the […]

[INTERVIEW] Francesc Llenas, Spain distributor

How was the year 2020 for the sport’s field? No doubt it has been a year with many uncertainties and many doubts. There have also been differences between the areas and sports. The lockdown at the end of last season did a lot of damage to the clubs, but luckily season 2020/21 was able to […]

[Interview] Sherilyn Bashorun, player of Modal Charleroi Volley

BIO I started playing volleyball at the Racing Club of Cannes. I was a huge fan of Victoria Ravva who I believe represents femininity in sport, hard work, discipline but above all represents success and glory for women. A real star! CAREER I have played in 8 different clubs across France. FAVOURITE FOOD I cook […]