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Athletes: the best investment for your company

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When it comes to putting together the GEFF team, we look at those who have or have had a sporting relationship. But why do we use this premise? We do it for a simple reason: those who have trained throughout their lives in a more or less professional manner tend to pick up habits that are essential to become excellent workers and colleagues. These are some of the advantages of hiring retired athletes for your company.

No fear of hard work

Most athletes have spent their lives training, practicing, improving, and giving their best through hard work. They are capable of giving their all, and are not afraid of hard work. Their common goal is marked by fundamental factors: to be the best at what they do and to always win.

Disciplined people

During their long careers in sports, they have shown up to practices and games on time and in shape to give their best. For them, discipline is an invaluable trait that they tend to apply as a way of life. An athlete will always be on time, work hard every day and do whatever it takes to achieve success.

Team players

It is in their nature: they have the ability to communicate with their teammates, always work together with others and learn to leverage the strengths of each team member. Athletes seek to achieve set goals and will use all necessary tools together with the team to meet deadlines.

Source of learning and growth

The nature of the athlete understands the importance of constant learning and growth. For them, constant training is synonymous with efficiency and improving performance. A strong drive to improve will benefit any company and provide opportunities for growth within the company.

Great overcomers to failure

Just like on the track, athletes tend to be very resilient and determined when it comes to work. In any job, the ability to face any setback and overcome it is necessary to maintain the mental strength needed to succeed. Athletes know that failure is inevitable and work through adversity as obstacles rather than stop signs.

Having athletes in a work group is, without a doubt, an exponential investment. Are you about to finish your professional career and want to dedicate yourself to the sports industry? Contact us and we have a great proposal for you. Join the GEFF team!

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