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Lunch your business in the world of sports

Be part of the leading manufacturer of custom club kits.

New world markets

The market is demanding a speed that Asian suppliers cannot cope with at the moment.

We are an European manufacturer

We manufacture everything ON-DEMAND and manage to deliver in record time, in just 15 working days.

Achieve limitless designs

 Offer your clubs offers clubs fully customized design and at no extra cost.

Unique chance. Big sales.

Launch your business in the world of sports.


Great benefits


Achieve high margins on sales

Our products are designed so that you can develop your business and receive great benefits for selling them. Thanks to our technology we can manufacture at lower costs without sacrificing quality.


Enjoy organising your times

You don’t need to be totally dedicated, you can combine it with another job or activity. In order to be efficient you need at least 50% of your time, if you have sport activities you can continue with them.

start now

In GEFF you don't need stock

At GEFF we produce on demand, so we produce what you have already sold. Good news? The investment you make will go towards training on our products, process and market.



Get started with GEFF Sport

Knowledge of sport is essential. If you are or have been a coach, player or if you are linked to the world of product sales, this is the opportunity you were looking for.

Join the GEFF team

Your sporting experience will help you achieve great sales.


Choose your business

products for clubs

Sports equipment

Take advantage of your networking in sport and focus on sports equipment for clubs in your area.
We have different ways of collaboration – choose the one that suits you best!

retail products

Store Oficial GEFF

Our product catalogue has more than 160 designs available and growing constantly, varying between models for women and men of different sizes with a great differential, our revolutionary designs.

Join the GEFF team

Be part of the leading manufacturer of customised club kits.
A new concept in sports equipment
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