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Post-sports career: How to stay involved in sports after retirement?

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During a sports career, we do nothing but work on our athletic performance. But have you thought about what you will do after you retire? Leaving a sport professionally can be a daunting and confusing time. However, there are numerous career options for those who wish to continue in the competitive world. Here are some of the post-sport variables that could continue to provide you with challenges and success.



Sports Sales Representative

A career that has an indispensable plus point: a portfolio of invaluable clients. Sales development will allow you to work autonomously, increase your earnings quickly and create your own schedule. In addition, it will be much easier for you to find customers who want to buy your products. Presenting yourself in front of large groups will not be difficult and you will have the possibility of receiving important rewards such as bonuses. As in any sport, you will need to have resilience, a competitive spirit, be fearless, set goals and pursue objectives.


Event Organizer

Your role will be focused on organizing community events within sports, recreation and education. You may work within a public body, sports organization or an event company. You will have the opportunity to promote healthy living and participation among different age groups, ethnicities, socio-economic groups, gender and schools. Through this role, you will be able to put into practice all your time and resource management skills that you have developed during your years as an athlete.


Digital Communicator

Professional athletes often become role models or potential influencers for many people. Therefore, you can place your hub on social networks and become a promoter of various brands. Nowadays, companies invest heavily in social media to manage their brands and increase followers through engaging content, effective communication and interactive posts.


Physical trainer

In case you have the right education and additional qualifications, you could dedicate yourself to empowering professionals to reach optimal fitness, lose and gain weight or achieve fitness goals. There are various types of trainers: personal, gym or organizational trainers. If you become a coach, you can share your experiences to help inspire clients to achieve professional and life goals.



Your sporting experience could be used to inspire and help others to overcome the challenges they set for themselves. In the action plan, you will have the ability to develop strategies and plays for important games. Working with people outside of sports can be an enriching experience for both of you. Your goal will be to equip people with the qualities and attitude they need to overcome difficult situations and live a more fulfilling life.

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