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What are you waiting for joining the GEFF team?

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Are you a person with an interest in the commercial and sporting world? Do you want to start a project? Then you can become a GEFF representative!

What do I need to become an official member?

To become an official sales member, you just need to have some availability during the day, find the agreement that suits you best and start the training.

Within the collaboration possibilities, we have 3 main agreements:

  • Distributor: you will create your own company, you will have control over the profit margin and you will manage the design.
  • Commission agent: you will be able to focus only on sales and you will earn a percentage of them.
  • Referrals: you will connect GEFF with potential customers and earn a small commission if the sale closes.

How long would it take you to become a GEFF salesperson?

Well, we’re ready to get started! The more time before the season, the better for everyone. You can be ready to sell in 1 or 2 weeks. Financially, to get started, we simply ask for a small upfront deposit that is returned with the first sales.

Do I need to have previous experience?

Absolutely not at all. We work with representatives who have not developed their professional careers in the textile or commercial world, but you must be eager to learn.

Will I have any initial benefits?

You will receive an onboarding, initial training to be able to go out and sell GEFF quickly, training on our internal management system and design as well. And the most important thing: we welcome you with a basic sample pack and some garments for you to wear as well.

Once you’re up and running, you have someone assigned to you in the factory for your day-to-day work.


What are you waiting for joining the GEFF team?

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