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Which are the advantages of partnering with a European distributor?

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In the trade and production world, the moment of choosing where to manufacture products to offer to customers can make a big difference in terms of quality, delivery time and customer satisfaction. The Asian market is known to be in high global demand for products, but… What are the significant differences between production in Asia and Europe?

We’ll tell you about the common problems associated with Asian products and the benefits of European production, especially when it comes to digital printing and companies like ZAK.

  • Originality vs. massive production: one of the recurring problems with Asian products is their lack of originality. Most of their creations are mass-produced, which means that there is less possibility of customisation or having unique products. In contrast, European production, especially through digital printing, allows for greater originality and the ability to personalise products to the maximum.
  • Big quantities or customised orders?: Another challenge with Asian production is the need to order in large quantities. This can be problematic for customers, especially if they do not need to stock products. In contrast, European companies offer the flexibility to place smaller orders, which allows for greater customisation to the specific needs of each customer.
  • Manufacturing and delivery time: Asian production involves long manufacturing lead times. In fact, some manufacturing and shipping processes can take months, which can delay lead times and affect customer satisfaction. However, companies like ZAK offer a much faster turnaround time. Thanks to agile and efficient production, products can be received within a matter of working days, reducing unnecessary waiting times.
  • Delivery uncertainty: A common problem with Asian products is the lack of certainty as to when orders will arrive. Delays in transport or in the process of entering and leaving each country can be very frustrating for both customers and companies. In contrast, European production provides greater delivery reliability, which means that customers can plan ahead and have a better idea of when they will receive their products.

European production, through digital printing and especially companies like ZAK that have their own factory, offers a significant alternative with numerous benefits. Customisation, flexibility in ordering, fast turnaround times and certainty of delivery are just some of the key advantages to be gained by opting for European production.

It’s time to make more informed decisions and meet changing customer expectations in a competitive marketplace. Make ZAK your trusted distributor!

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