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GEFF Sport and WWK Volleys Herrsching: a new international partnership that makes a difference

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GEFF continues to expand its borders and find new allies along the way. We are happy to share a new chapter with a German club with a long history, currently excelling in Bundesliga 1, and sports fashion. It is an honour to announce the partnership with the volleyball club WWK Herrsching, which we will be dressing for the whole season. Indeed, this partnership marks an important step in our expansion into the European market.

WWK Herrsching is a passionate volleyball team with a unique identity and an incredible life story, which for 40 years has dedicated much of its work to improving day by day and growing in sporting levels, both in beach and traditional volleyball. His commitment and determination on the courts has made him a leading contender on the volleyball scene and very particular about his kit designs. And now, with the partnership with GEFF, they are set to elevate their game to a whole new level, as the company will provide the full power of their state-of-the-art machines to create the most authentic kits on the market for every player to excel on the court as they have done so far.

The union between the two parties brings with it an exciting promise for fans: the ability to dress like their favourite players in the shortest possible time. Through this collaboration, we will be able to reach out to all fans and make the club stand out not only for its on-court skills, but also for its stylish and distinctive appearance in every corner of the city.

“Our presence in the European market has been expanding, and within this strategy, the German market is a priority. This partnership has a special meaning for us, as we find a deep affinity with the club, which gives importance to the design of the shirt, wearing a unique kit that connects in an exceptional way with its identity,” said Sofia Muller, marketing representative of GEFF. Having our own sublimation factory in Spain allows us to successfully supply the club’s needs, making it possible to create exclusive kits for the club’s players and fans in an exceptionally short period of time,” she said.

A season full of excitement, style and achievement is coming! At GEFF we reaffirm our commitment to innovation, design and superior quality in your sportswear. Are you ready to break the stereotypes too? Join GEFF team!

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