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What are the 6 health benefits of basketball?

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Basketball is not only one of the most recognized sports in the world, but also one of the most loved by athletes. It is a fun discipline that adapts to all skill levels and ages in which the whole body must be used, constantly changing pace, using jumps and constant sprints to attack and defend. Do you also love basketball? Here are the 6 benefits of this sport for your health.

Muscle strengthening

Regular basketball practice generates a muscle’s ability to apply force repeatedly over a prolonged period of time. By supplementing the game with a series of extra exercises, you can improve endurance in both your lower and upper body. Core and back muscles can also be strengthened, which will generate a positive effect on endurance, energy, levels and performance.

Balance and coordination

For a player who is positioned on the court, it is essential to develop coordination between hands, eyes and feet to maintain balance throughout the movements. During the game, athletes must move the body quickly to jump, turn or change direction, as well as exploit their motor skills such as shooting, passing and dribbling.

Stimulate the immune system

The immune system is closely related to the stress we live with on a daily basis. If you play basketball from time to time, it will help you reduce stress and therefore, strengthen your immune system.

Improved body composition

According to specialists, basketball has a positive effect on overall body composition. Through a study in which they subjected a group of untrained men to 3 months of street basketball practice, they noticed a positive effect on overall fitness and body composition. After the training, participants increased their lean body mass and reduced their body fat percentage.

Reduces stress and increases concentration

Basketball practice causes a person to release a high amount of endorphins (feel-good or happiness hormones), which can improve mood, promote relaxation, reduce pain, alleviate depression, increase self-esteem and improve work performance. It can also be useful for the development of mindfulness, and works as a method of coping with daily anxiety. Besides basketball, you can also manage the level of stress by playing online games. Join Slotogate for an extraordinary gambling experience. Check the amazing card games or some innovative slots, like mahjong way. Get ready for the next basketball game in good spirits.

Boosts mental development

Although basketball may seem like just physical exercise, it is also an important mental exercise. In the game you must make decisions quickly and be totally focused on what you are doing. So while you’re playing, you’re also improving your mental health.

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