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[Interview] Sherilyn Bashorun, player of Modal Charleroi Volley

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I started playing volleyball at the Racing Club of Cannes. I was a huge fan of Victoria Ravva who I believe represents femininity in sport, hard work, discipline but above all represents success and glory for women. A real star!


I have played in 8 different clubs across France.


I cook a lot of dishes from home, Nigeria, and other African recipes as well, but my favorite cuisine is the Caribbean, Martinican and Guadeloupean.


My hobbies are music, I listen to music all the time, it’s a real necessity. I am also passionate about sports, I love fitness and bodybuilding.


I have always dreamed of going to Brazil, I was lucky enough thanks to the national team to visit but I didn’t have the opportunity to sightsee much. The West Indies is also one of the most beautiful trips I ever had. I would like to visit Costa Rica very soon.

What do you feel when you wear the jersey of your country? 

I felt very proud when I wore the jersey of Cameroon for the first time, my grandmother’s nation on my dad’s side. I was very emotional, especially as the match was against France, in a friendly match that I had the opportunity to honor her. A very strong moment.

Do you think there is any difference between volleyball in Cameroon, France, and Belgium? 

There is a very big difference between African and European volleyball. In Cameroon, the young players are extremely passionate. We play with heart and guts. There is more emotion, more bonding with the audience which is just as passionate as we are. In France sport is a little less respected, I would say, we don’t see it as a symbol of success.

What does a player need to do to become an excellent middle-blocker? 

To be a good middle-blocker, you need a lot of rigor. Repetition is very important in our sport. And to have a lot of mental strength because it’s a rather ungrateful job.

What is the thing of being a middle-blocker that you like the least? 

I think I am one of the few players who have always wanted to be a middle-blocker. 

But, indeed, it’s sometimes frustrating not to play the whole game in the sense that you kind of don’t participate in the second row, defense, and reception.

Is there some goal in volleyball that you would like to pursue? 

My dream was to play internationally but I thought I would never get that chance. I dreamed of playing against the best players in the world. It was an incredible experience to reach that level, a real dream come true!

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