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How to organize a dynamic Sports Camp?

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Let us outline some key steps that can determine the success of your camp.

1- Determine your objective: What do you want to achieve with your camp? Is it focused on technical performance? Are you looking to increase awareness of the club and its brand? Is it to build club revenue?  It may be all of these but it is important to prioritise in order to plan and structure efficiently.

2- Price and budget: Do you have to pay for the space? Do you have your own trainers, coaches and stewards (or do you have to fund their expenses)? What gifts will you give participants (tshirt, neck buff, bag?).  When the budget has been outlined and costs covered, you can decide on the registration fee.

3- Prepare your activity program: What will participants learn each day? Have you outlined any particular activities and planned breaks?

 4- Register participants: Prepare a platform on your website for participants to register and pay. (Consider a free platform like Google Forms).

5- Finally the day arrives – enjoy! All that remains is to convert the plans into action!

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