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[INTERVIEW] Nico Bonanno, CD Bidasoa and Argentina’s handball national team

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How was the prep for the world championship? Do you remember how was the call?

As for the preparation, I think it was very good for us. It had been a year since we last saw each other, from the Maringá Tournament in Brazil.

So even with the number of practices and friendly games and all the load, it was crucial for us to meet again and catch the rhythm between us. So very happy because I think that we face this world championship the best we can and we hope to end the best possible.

What did you learn and think you keep learning in the national team?

I think it has been already four years that I am with the national team and I feel that I’ve learned a lot and that there is still much to learn. Not only from my teammates and the staff but when we have to face big world level opponents and what I most emphasize is when it is the decisive time to go out to play a final or some qualifying game for a tournament, that adrenaline from that moment makes anyone improve as a person and also as a player.

What are your goals with the national team?

My big goal with the national team I believe is the Olympic Games. An Olympic game is the most precious thing for an athlete, so we are hoping that this year 2021 could be carried out, that Coronavirus would let us.

Later, it’s clear that in each tournament to take the national team to the highest possible.

The big goal on a personal level is to be able to play an Olympic Game with Argentina’s national team.

What would you say to the players that this last year lost motivation for the global context? How do you keep focused and inspired?

For all of these quarantines, for the pandemia, I think it discouraged lots of people, including me. The truth is that it has been very tough times, but as I say, all of this would pass at some point, and when it’ll all be gone it must catch you the best possible. Online games helped me to stay focused during the pandemic times. I really enjoyed playing lucky hippo casino with its different table games and slot machines. That is how I kept the positive energy and came back to the national team full of energy and motivation. So, do not let your arms down and keep strong, with your mind on the goals that each has and hold on to your loved ones that is what helps you and motivates you to keep forward.

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