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We are revamping our identity, without losing our essence: speed.

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In the 10 years of our history, we have grown to now be the largest custom color printing company in Europe. We have manufactured 1,912,969 garments from more than 250 products.

Our color printing design has allowed us to bring 59,399 different designs worn by more than 250,000 athletes to the courts. Today, we launch the new brand image and our new proposal to clubs: “faster than ever”.

This year, we have undergone major changes, not just because of the pandemic, but also because we have stopped manufacturing for other brands to focus on GEFF. This season we want to offer clubs all the advantages of manufacturing in Europe, we manufacture the playing clothes in 8 working days guaranteed.

So it was therefore necessary to bring the brand into line with this exciting new stage for the company.

Gurutz Aginagalde, former handball player and president of the ASOBAL club CD Bidasoa says: “Working with GEFF offers benefits, such as the commitment to reducing production lead times to eight days for playing equipment, a challenge that is commensurate with the company’s industrial capacity. We are confident that they will meet this challenge and whatever else they set out to accomplish.”

GEFF’s creative team was inspired by technology, passion and speed in creating the concept. Taking into account the distinctive feature in the G, which also refers to movement and continuity.

Another notable aspect of the redesign is the use of the isotype without the word GEFF, also using the symbol as the brand’s signature.

The revamp is not only visual, but also in line with the new proposal to the clubs. Clubs no longer have to wait for their kits to arrive from Asia by ship, now with GEFF they can receive their kits in a much shorter period of time. We put all our machinery at the service of the clubs, to produce their playing clothes within 8 working days.

This is not the only change planned for this year; we are convinced that technology and sport must be allies, so we continue to develop and improve our technology to provide the best service to the clubs.

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