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GEFF Sport: a business opportunity in the sports sector

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At GEFF, we are in the midst of an expansion phase: over the last year, we have had an annual growth of more than 30%. Despite the pandemic, we continue to grow at a good pace in the different countries in which we operate. Our sports equipment proposal is in line with the needs of clubs in Europe.

Therefore, as a current work premise, we put effort and dedication in continuing to open areas in Europe that we have not yet established. Specifically, we are looking for athletes, coaches and people related to sports who want to take advantage of the momentum that the company is having. As Ana Muller, head of expansion, says: “Years ago we realized that the commercial profile of other sectors does not fit with our company. We need people who really understand the specific needs of sports clubs.”


Unlike other businesses in the sports textile industry, we propose a different idea: a business model without the need for stock and therefore without risk and investment. Our sales representatives are the ones who promote the growth of the brand in the different areas of Europe. In addition, they do not need investment, since the manufacturing is done on demand of the clubs.


It is important to note that it is not necessary to have previous training in the textile sector, since we have a training program for those who wish to participate in the project, which includes notions of the market, marketing and sales, design and textile production. Currently, we have more than 20 official representatives throughout Europe, most of whom are former athletes or coaches.


If you have identified yourself, this is your chance to shine in the sports business. GEFF’s commitment is to provide not only a professional opportunity, but also a space for professional and personal growth in the sports world.

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